Digital Marketing Trends of 2020

There are many digital marketing trends and strategies that are involving in the current market and businesses need to use them to succeed in their business. Brands are trying on more ways to connect with audience through social media. Hence it has become mandatory for the brands to catch up on the trends.

Below are some of the major trends in digital marketing for the year 2020.

Augmented reality will be a game changer:

As number of smart phone users steadily increase across the globe, different brands will tend to use augmented reality to engage with customers. The Augmented technology will enable the brands to show content based on customers geographical location, How cool is that!

Advertisements will be more impactful:

In most of the digital marketing campaigns, advertisements play a vital role in increasing the sales and to reach targets audience. Purposely ads with highly specific objective work wonders. We can expect the mobile ad platforms like Twitter and Instagram will have major growth in coming years.

Brands are not looking at social media not just for brand building but for brand acquisition and performance. Brands are now putting investments on social media since they can see a return on investments.

Creating brand awareness:

Another important trend of this year 2020 is growing brand awareness. Although sales revenue and new customer growth remains important, there is a growing trend among the retailers that say brand awareness is their focus to evaluate success of marketing centres around deals and offers.

Some of the other fascinating trends of 2020 are as follows:

Influencer marketing: Letting the experts talk about the brand. Influencers have the popularity and credibility which the brand needs.

Interactive formats: it would be fascinating for the customers to not only see the content but also interact with it. For instance, live streaming, Facebook lives, Giveaways, contests, and 360° streaming.

Social media stories: with growing popularity of social media “Stories” it is important for the marketers for considering this format in their digital marketing strategy. Savvy marketers can make use of live video to promote engagement and brand awareness. Some of the ways the social media stories can be used is by showing uncut/behind the scene, reviews of customers, How products are made and about the employees which would be a great way to provide personal touch to your customers.

To be continued..

Digital Marketing Trends of 2020
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