7 Powerful Benefits of Digital Marketing

It took a while for the businesses to understand the future of marketing is not offline, but online and it would behove for them to be where their audience is. During 2017, it was found that more than 462 million people in India were active internet users, a number that might have increased multi folds now. The importance of digital marketing works not only in favour of marketers, It provides something innovative to the customers too. The interactive nature of digital marketing will also help in increasing the client base in short span of time.

Below are 7 benefits of Digital Marketing

Strategies with valuable data and analytics:

With Digital marketing you can have an idea of exact number of people who have visited your website in real time. With google analytics you can track status and information about marketing website. It displays the breakdown of the traffic information and intelligence helps you to prioritize the marketing channels.

Using digital marketing tactics is the most cost effective way to market your business:

One of the major benefit of Digital Marketing is it’s the most cost effective way to market the business. It is very difficult to compete with limited budget for ad space with large companies. With Digital marketing we get more of marketing spend.

According to above example, a small business can expose over 1000 people to it’s products for less than 3$ using digital media, while that with same exposure through direct mail costs about 57$ and through TV ad costs 38$. Traditional marketing comes with hidden costs, however the only cost involved in digital media marketing is time. SEO and digital media marketing take time to work their magic.

Most of the potential buyers are on social media and digital media helps business reach them:

According to emarketer, 2.34 billion  people I see social media regularly. Digital marketer can use innovative ways to entice customers, by targeting right customers marketed can take necessary steps for betterment and success of the business .

Get prepared for the Internet of things:

As people are getting tech savvy, it would be a good ploy to promote the business through digital media marketing. This will help the business to connect to each and every customer irrespective of place and time zone in effective way. It is important to align brand objectives with customer interests. With digital marketing you can be more engaged with the customer in terms of providing swift response to the queries and doubts.

Levelled field of competing:

Strong digital marketing strategy allows different business to compete with each other on similar lines irrespective of the size. A website with good repute and which entitles it’s customer with smooth journey is unparalleled.

Scope of refinement of strategy:

Whilst gathering and analysing chunks of customer data, strategies can be upgraded accordingly. This method allows the businesses to refurbish their ideas at any point to maximize efficacy at fraction of cost of traditional marketing. Since there is direct engagement with the customers, new ideas can be generated as per trends and demands.

Social currency:

Digital marketing let’s the business create engaging campaigns using different types of rich media content. On the internet these campaigns can create social currency- being passed from one user to another and becoming viral. Social currency is a way to leverage the way people interact on social media which inturn helps with growing the business.

Together all of these aspects of digital marketing have potential to add up to more sale and growth in the business. Digital marketing helps you make use of proven strategies and technique that attract not necessarily more traffic but highly targeted traffic that delivers results. Targeting the right kind of people that delivers right kind of business is what digital marketing is all about- ensuring survival of the business.

The below infographic summarises the key benefits of Digital Marketing.

Happy Digital Marketing!!!!!

7 Powerful Benefits of Digital Marketing
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