Career in Hardware and Networking course

In this blog post let us understand what are the career prospects post completing Hardware and Networking course. After qualifying the aforementioned course from esteemed institutes like Sandgrouse technologies, the candidate will be eligible for roles in IT filed like Network Administrator, System Engineer, Technical/Computer Hardware Engineer, IT Technician and Support Technician. The goal of the hardware course is to offer practical knowledge about hardware and networking. A wide array of opportunities as mentioned above are available for the hardware and networking professionals in India.

Hardware and networking professional is required to maintain the logical and swift connection of various systems with each other. He is responsible for ensuring that the equipment used are of best quality and they work without any unnecessary time delay. A hardware engineer will have to test the system and analyze the results. He will have to make necessary changes and update the systems according to the requirement.

Hardware and networking professional require a critical problem-solving skill. A professional will have to constantly upgrade himself with new technology. Debugging and troubleshooting are the important parts for any problem-solving approach. Hardware and networking professional will have to ensure that he follows the concerned forums and contribute in a big way to those forums.

Top certificate program in hardware and networking


CISCO is the globally recognized certificate program in hardware and networking. It provides courses at various levels.

At entry level

  • CCT

At associate level

  • CCDA
  • CCNA cloud
  • CCNA collaboration
  • CCNA data center
  • CCNA industrial
  • CCNA routing and switching
  • CCNA security
  • CCNA service provider
  • CCNA wireless

At professional level

  • CCDP
  • CCDP cloud
  • CCNP collaboration
  • CCNP data center
  • CCNP routing and switching
  • CCNP service provider
  • CCNP wireless

At expert level

  • CCDE
  • CCIE collaboration
  • CCIE data center
  • CCIE routing and switching
  • CCIE security
  • CCIE service provider
  • CCIE wireless

At architect level

  • CC architect

IT is also an internationally reputed course in hardware and networking it provides courses at three levels.

  • At junior level LPIC1
  • At advanced level LPIC 2
  • At senior level LPIC 3

Career prospects and job scope for a Network and hardware engineer

The prospect in this sector is directly related to the growth of IT sector and its affiliated sectors. With the current trend in IT sector, it can be said that a network and hardware professional will be offered immense opportunities. The packages in this sector vary upon expertise and knowledge from 2 lakh to 10 lakh per annum. Many IT companies with their huge presence in the global market hire a professional team of hardware and network experts for each of their branch.

Recent surveys have revealed that the electronics and hardware sector in India is expected to grow above the $60 billion. Computer hardware and Networking is projected to be one of the fastest growing occupations. A Hardware and Networking professional can find employment in public and private sector. Hardware developing companies are the favoured place for most of the Hardware Engineers.

Students who have completed the hardware and networking course can seek to be employed in corporate houses, industries, public sector undertakings. All public and private sector banks, financial institutions, schools and colleges also require the service of Hardware and Networking Experts. Besides they can be self-employed by starting their own Hardware Assembling Firm. He can also run consultancy to develop hardware according to the requirements of the clients. Teaching in technical educational institutions is also a very good option.

Hardware and networking sector is growing at a certain pace in India. It is a panacea for job seekers who want to get a quick and reliable job. For getting success into this field a student must sharpen debugging and troubleshooting skills and we at Sandgrouse Technologies, are experts in educating the students about industry level expertise required to ace their jobs.

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Career in Hardware and Networking course
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